Saturday, June 20, 2009


Ok, so it has been forever since we posted. Life has just been busy and not with anything too in particular. Katera finished kindergarten on June 4th. Wow, I can't believe it. Here is a picture of her first and last day. She looks relatively the same except for the haircut.

Her teacher's name was Mrs. Reese. She really liked her. The other day she even said that she kind of missed kindergarten, even though her favorite subject was recess. Isn't every kid's favorite subject recess??

Well, since school has been out we feel like we have been running a hotel. For the last 3 weeks we have had family staying with us at varying times. I must say I am tired of washing sheets but we can't complain though because we enjoy the company.

Here are pictures of Katera sleeping in a box. We purchased a wet/dry vac for Harland for Father's Day and Katera wanted the box to play in. She cut part of the top of the box to make windows. Next thing we know she put a few blankets in it and tells us she wants to sleep in it. At first she wanted to sleep in the box in the upright position, but then after about 10 minutes she wanted it laying down. She initially fell asleep in it on our bedroom floor, but Harland helped me pick her and the box up and move it to her bed. Since then (4 days) she has slept in her box every night. She tells me it is comfortable because of all the blankets. I told her she would have to put it away since her cousin is coming tonight. She was a little disappointed but she understood. She wants to bring it back out after they leave. Hopefully when she is older she will aspire to live somewhere nicer than a cardboard box.

We had my company summer party on Thursday at the ball park. We got a picnic and a baseball game. It was pretty fun, but our team lost. Here is a picture of their #1 fan.

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Grandma Snow said...

It's about time you updated! Cute little girl. Hey, the way the economy is going, we may ALL be sleeping in cardboard boxes before long, so hold onto that one, it looks nice and sturdy!