Saturday, March 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Katera

Last night we finally had Katera's birthday party. Her actual birthday was a little over a week ago, but we were unable to have the party around then because of work & school schedules & having to help move Harland's parents out of their house by the 15th. On her actual birthday Harland had to work so I took her to McDonald's for dinner. Yeah, I know McDonald's, but that is what she wanted. I at first was going to attempt to talk her into something else, but then I said, "Hey its her birthday. Let her eat where she wants." So off to McDonald's we went. This is a picture of the small piece of cake I got her at the store so we could sing Happy Birthday on her real birthday. Harland was on speaker phone while we sang and she blew out her candles.

Last night we had her party at the rec. center where Harland works. We had pizza, cake & ice cream and then went swimming. She invited a total of 15 girls, but a few were unable to come. We still somehow ended up with about that many. It was fun, but also kind of hectic. Try keeping track of that many girls in a pool. Luckily we had some help from some friends. Here is a complete picture of the gang.


Maughan"sters" said...

You are daring to have that many kids! Let's see if you do that again! Happy Birthday to Katera!

Michelle Jensen said...

Sounds like you gals had a blast. Happy Birthday Katera. Richelle I want a copy of that pic. They are too cute!!!

Grandma Snow said...

Can't believe she's that old! She is a beautiful little girl - happy birthday to Katera! I always love her hugs!
Aunt Lulu